To manage the logistics of returns, we have developed an information system that does not require any input.

The customer sends us the content of the return orders (which we then call reception forecasts). In return, we send him every evening the report of the control carried out.

Between these two flows, we generate a delivery log (with photos of the returns), a table of anomalies (incomplete returns, returns without forecast, etc.), statistical tables on volumes (returns, lines, parts) and also individual network performance indices.

We sort and repackage repairable products and set aside products for recycling. Finally, we have defined along with our customers a list of rules in order to optimize returns (KPI). To raise awareness about the importance of these rules, a daily report is sent to headquarters and to each team manager if any anomalies are found.

Our operatives are equipped with electronic pads (example of 3 screenshots above) to carry out all the steps of this return logistics. We thus improve our productivity and provide our clients with relevant dashboards, to help them developp a manageable externalisation policy.